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GMC-P01 Powered Walk-behind Road Roller


GMC-P01 ride-on road roller is one of the small-size double drum powered walk-behind rollers. This Ride-on Road Roller can be applied to compacting and maintaining various roads, and rolling of the expressway shoulders, sidewalk, parking area, sports ground and garden lawn.Powered Walk-behind Road Roller

This diesel road roller is specially suited for compaction of narrow areas, such as pipeline channel and drainage trench etc.

Mechanical all-drum travel drives with greater grade ability.

Compact design and small size guarantee the rolling compaction into narrow ground.

Provided with the guide wheels and control level for effortless turning,The steering wheel and driver seat help to maneuver the powered walk-behind roller conveniently.

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Data of GMC-P01 Walk-behind Road Roller

Operating mass 735kg
Front wheel static linear load 46N/cm
Rear wheel static linear load 73N/cm

Machine dimensions
Drum width 600mm
Vibration frequency 48HZ
Turning radius 2700mm
Overall dimensions 2500×795×1050
Wheel base 470mm

Diesel Engine
Diesel model R175AN
Diesel power 3.7kw
Exciting force 12Kn

Grade ability 40%
Max Travel speed 2.5km/h
Vibration amplitude 0.25mm


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